Exceeding expectations amidst a tight deadline

Our agile delivery model gave us the speed we needed

A few years ago, one of our clients struggled with productivity issues in their Small and Medium Business Internet Fibre team. The client had an average delivery timeline of over 50 days!

They brought us on board to help improve their productivity and delivery timelines. Our target was to increase productivity by 1.8 times and reduce the delivery timelines from 50 to 7 days in a short span of seven months! While we were confident of meeting the targets, our client was quite sceptical. They asked, “Can you really do this in seven months?”



“Our target was to reduce the customer’s delivery timelines from 50 to seven days!”

Udayabhaskar Vupati DirectorJoined Prodapt in 2016

“Can you really do this in seven months?”
Imagine their surprise when we actually doubled the client’s productivity at the end of the 7th month, much more than our target of 1.8 times! Though we could not reduce the delivery time to seven days, we still managed to bring it down significantly to 20 days. To date, we are proud of this achievement. 

Our agile approach not only won us a long-term contract to manage this business but also helped us to bag similar transformation projects in their other business units!

All of this was possible because of the speed with which we worked, thanks to our agile delivery model.


Udayabhaskar Vupati

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