Not letting adversity dampen our fighting spirit

We were hit and low but by far, not out!

As one of the leading partners of global service providers in the connectedness space, we closely work with our clients on powerful technologies that accelerate connectedness. This has enabled us to gain deep insights into cutting-edge developments in the industry. Our detail-oriented and well-researched whitepapers, called Insights, are widely used by companies across the industry for first-hand information on industry challenges, path-breaking solutions, technology trends etc. Our combined expertise in connectedness and creating whitepapers gave us an advantage in winning the TM Forum’s Excellence Awards in 2020.

The value of the entire project was way higher than the current size of Prodapt itself and meant deploying close to 1,500 people on it! As the scale was much bigger than what we could support, we proposed to take care of our core areas, about 40% of the project, and leave the rest to another vendor. Unfortunately, the client was not convinced by our proposal. “Guys, you’re fantastic,” they said, “but we want one vendor who can manage the whole business.” And with that, we lost a huge chunk of our business.

Next year, one of their other business units decided to follow the same exercise. This time we decided to bid for the entire project instead of just part of it. And then the pandemic hit.



“Undeterred by the setbacks and the oppositions that we faced, we put our heart and soul into it.”

Rechel Jamima Senior Technical LeadJoined Prodapt in 2015

“We don’t think we can trust you with this kind of scale.”
Despite the pandemic, the team collaborated on several fronts to bid for the project! Even though this was the first time we had prepared for something so big, we gave our best. In fact, the client loved our proposal and presentations, and we moved on from one step to another in the selection process until we were among the top three contenders.

Our final presentation went well, and they loved everything about it. And yet, despite all that, we still did not land the project! “We don’t think we can trust you with this kind of scale,” they said. Again, we lost a major part of our business.

Just then, their third business unit began consolidating its vendors. And despite falling short twice before, we were determined to go after this deal. Undeterred by the setbacks and the oppositions that we faced, we put our heart and soul into it. We never lost faith and kept chasing it. We gave everything we had.

And finally, despite failing twice, we landed one of the biggest deals of that year through our sheer persistence!


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