Taking a calculated risk to focus on telecom

Prodapt’s decision to go deep into telecom has paid off over a decade later

When I joined Prodapt in 2009, I was determined to continue my career in the telecom space and hence, was looking for a company with a focus on telecom. At the time, Prodapt had just started its journey of becoming a niche player in the telecom space. I clearly remember our CEO mentioning that the company was giving up a sizeable healthcare business to focus on telecom. I was surprised that the company would take such a big risk just to become more focused. I thought, “Why would a company of this size take such a risk?



“I was surprised that the company would take this kind of risk just to become more focused.”

Harish Krishnan DirectorJoined Prodapt in 2014

“Why would a company of this size take such a risk?”

But more than a decade down the line, I can see that the risk has paid off! Our vision and direction have helped us in gaining far more depth in this domain than most other service providers. We have become almost synonymous with the telecom space, creating a niche for ourselves. I believe this has helped us stand out and resonate with our customers.

In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why we could penetrate difficult markets like the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Even though some industry heavyweights have their presence in these regions, we have been able to gain access and tap these markets purely based on the differentiation we offer with our singular focus and deep understanding of the telecom domain. A depth that we have deliberately built over the last 12 years. A depth that we are proud of!


Harish Krishnan

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