Embracing a drastic change to stay connected during the pandemic

One person’s willingness to go deep helped Prodapt to adapt and thrive

When the pandemic hit us in 2020, it turned everything upside down, including work. It seemed like the entire world had gone into lockdown, and things that we took for granted—like going to the office and meeting colleagues face-to-face, were no longer possible. We had to quickly figure out a new way of working if we wanted Prodapt to survive.

And that’s when Sudha, the architect of our digital interconnectedness, came in as a saviour. Though she was not a technical person, she made it her mission to figure out how to keep us all connected through technology.

People suggested that we start using tools like Slack or Yammer, but Sudha suggested, “Why can’t we use the tools already available to us?” At that point, we were using some Microsoft tools for communication. Hence, after internal consultation with the IT (Information Technology) team and a thorough (not to mention painstaking) research on this matter, she realized that MS Teams would be the perfect tool for us. Sudha then made it her mission to use MS Teams to keep us all digitally connected.



“We got it done, despite the pandemic, and within our original guidelines.”

Sudha Dinesh ManagerJoined Prodapt in 2019

“Why can’t we use tools already available to us?”

She spearheaded the process and created an organization-wide channel to connect everyone across the organization. To achieve this feat, she worked tirelessly with the IT team to integrate each and every email ID with the tool and immediately add the new joiners to the channel.

Today, Sudha is the go-to person for MS Teams across the entire organization, owing to her deep and extensive knowledge of the tool. And thanks to that depth, Prodapt was able to adapt and thrive even in one of the most disruptive events of recent times.


Sudha Dinesh

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