Entering a new market without ever setting foot in it

Our extensive groundwork let us get it done. Fast.

In 2018 when trying to enter the Canadian market, we did not have our own legal entity in the country. Our HR team did extensive research and explored different feasible market-entry models to find if there was a way to enter a new market without having a legal entity, not just for Canada but also for other countries, including Latin America. Our research helped us when we expanded to Panama soon after.



“We did our research with the intent of being ready for anything in the future.”

MALAVIKA SREEJIT DirectorJoined Prodapt in 2017

“How are we going to do all this remotely?”

In 2020, as we were planning to expand into Chile, the pandemic hit. As a result, we had no choice but to on-board everyone in Chile completely remotely, without even travelling there. We thought, “How are we going to do all this remotely?” But our elaborate research on this matter paid off and we could quickly find a way to get it done. Later, we created our own legal entity and on-boarded everyone, again 100% remotely. Today, we have more than 45 Prodaptians in Chile. Recently, we set foot in Colombia.

Our forward-thinking research in 2018 helped us in expediting our expansion plans even during the pandemic. We did not limit our search to the Canadian market alone and did a solid groundwork covering many countries in different regions. And hence, we were able to achieve so much, so fast.



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