Getting ahead of the curve

We started skilling up in ML, data, and the cloud before they became popular

Today, anything to do with data and the cloud is quite popular among enterprises. But until a few years ago, these technologies were in a very nascent stage. However, at that time itself we realized the potential of these emerging technologies. Hence, we started investing in these skills, even though we did not have any active projects in this space.

Later, one of our clients gave us an opportunity to do some next-generation work in this area for their Latin American business. They wanted to transform their legacy data warehouse system into a cloud-enabled ‘data lake’ system. Their goal was to streamline the data to make it available for future use like machine learning and generate deep insights.



“It’s still early days for Data Lakes and Machine Learning, but we’ve managed to get ahead of the curve.”

Mehraj Gulzar Senior Vice PresidentJoined Prodapt in 2016

“We can use this project to sharpen our skills and gain experience before pitching to bigger customers.”

We jumped at the opportunity! “We can use this project to sharpen our skills and gain experience before pitching to bigger customers” we realized. And this is where our forward-looking approach paid off. With the help of our skills in this area, we helped the client migrate to the cloud and later used the rich data captured in the process on machine learning projects.

These technologies are still in their early days but due to the work exposure we got while working on this project, we were among the few companies who could respond to a recent large RFP (Request for Proposal) by a global telecom giant. Well, that is being ahead of the curve, literally!


Mehraj Gulzar

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