Exceeding expectations amidst a tight deadline

A few years ago, one of our clients struggled with productivity issues in their Small and Medium Business Internet Fibre team. The client had an average delivery timeline of over 50 days!

They brought us on board to help improve their productivity and delivery timelines. Our target was to increase productivity by 1.8 times and reduce the delivery timelines from 50 to 7 days in a short span of seven months! While we were confident of meeting the targets, our client was quite sceptical. They asked, “Can you really do this in seven months?”



“Our target was to reduce the customer’s delivery timelines from 50 to seven days!”

Udayabhaskar Vupati DirectorJoined Prodapt in 2016

“Can you really do this in seven months?”
Imagine their surprise when we actually doubled the client’s productivity at the end of the 7th month, much more than our target of 1.8 times! Though we could not reduce the delivery time to seven days, we still managed to bring it down significantly to 20 days. To date, we are proud of this achievement. 

Our agile approach not only won us a long-term contract to manage this business but also helped us to bag similar transformation projects in their other business units!

All of this was possible because of the speed with which we worked, thanks to our agile delivery model.


A speedy transformation to a high-trust, high-performance culture

Most successful companies around the globe stand out for the way they treat and support their people. At Prodapt, people are at the heart of what we do and were keen to find out how we ranked in the industry for our people practices. Hence, in 2019 we applied for Great Place to Work (GPTW) Certification. Unfortunately, we did not get the certification that year. Nonetheless, it was a turning point for us.

The entire process gave us loads of insights about ways to improve our work culture and do better. But this meant undergoing a cultural transformation, a big one, in fact. It was a daunting task, but we were determined to get it done within a year.

By 2019 end, we started the ball of change rolling which began with our senior leaders and delivery heads and by early 2020, we were already having focused discussions with the internal teams to decide the on-the-ground tactics.


“We learn fast, react faster. Agility is our way of doing. Despite everything the pandemic threw at us, we are now Great Place to Work certified!”

Mary Vikram Senior ManagerJoined Prodapt in 2015

“It looks like the pandemic will be here for a while. We will just need to restart our work.”
Everything was going great, as per the plan. Then the pandemic happened. We had to put the entire process on hold as we were trying to keep the business running amidst the lockdown. By April, things became a little more streamlined. And by then, we realized that the pandemic is here to stay. “It looks like the pandemic will be here for a while. So, let us restart our work,” our Chief HR Officer said. We picked up from where we stopped and were determined to get our cultural transformation back on track, no matter what! Fastrack, to be precise.

By May, the entire project was back up and running. Our initial plan had been to get more than 140 managers across the world to undergo a two-day, in-person program. Instead, we quickly figured out a way to do the whole program virtually. As a matter of fact, we were the first company to achieve a feat of this scale virtually and have set an industry benchmark where other companies consult us on this matter. The bottom line is that we got it done, despite everything the pandemic threw at us. And within our original timelines.

In less than a year, we were able to promote and build a high-trust, high-performance work culture. In 2020, we received our Great Place to Work certification. All thanks to the speed at which we do things.


Beating the competition with sheer speed

Response time is one of the critical components of responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and ours is unarguably the fastest in the industry. And we are able to do this every time because we do not have a hierarchical approach in the way we work.

Recently, one of our partners needed an assessment proposal for a project. “When do you need the proposal?” we asked, and they said, “By this evening!” We first thought they were joking, but then they told us that the customer wanted to avoid RFP, and our competitors were already getting suspicious that something was going on.



“Had we delayed by even a few days, it would have given our competitors an opening.”

Narendra S Vice PresidentJoined Prodapt in 2014

“When do you need the proposal?” we asked, and they said, “By this evening!”
So, I immediately contacted some senior colleagues and explained the situation to them to understand if they are fine with expediting the process. They said, “Go ahead with what you think is best and we will support you!” I jumped on the cue. I quickly worked on a previous proposal and made a few changes by adding broad deliverables, timelines, and costs. I sent it to our partner, who shared it with the customer. In one day, they responded with approval and asked us for a formal SOW (Scope of Work).  

It took us another few days to create and finalize the formal SOW and another day or two to get the final approval from the customer. The entire series of events happened within a week!

Had we delayed the process even by a few days, our competitors would have an opening to enter the ring and then things would have been quite different. But it turned in our favor, thanks to the speed at which we get things done at Prodapt.